Thursday, 25 November 2010

Your twelve days of Christmas boxes
are winging their way all over the world...

I've had a request for
who made what ,
so here goes...

A Partridge in a Pear Tree :
Lorraine at :

Two Turtle Doves:
Janet at :

Three French Hens:
Joanna at:

Four Calling Birds:
Penny at:

Five Gold Rings:
Lisa at :

Six Geese a Laying :
Me !!!

Seven Swans a swimming:
Jan at:

Eight Maids a Milking:
Kimmie at:

Nine Ladies Dancing:
Julia at:

Ten Lords a Leaping:
Hope at :

Eleven Pipers Piping:
Linda at:

Twelve Drummers Drumming:
Pat at:

Phew !
That took a while !
Can anyone explain
how you do that thing
where you click on a name
& it magically
leads to their Blog ? !!!
I tried it once,
but it didn't work !


  1. Thank you for the list, Penny. I used to be able to do that magic thing but then all of a sudden it stopped working.

    I guess I've lost my magic powers:0(


  2. you use the little link symbol at the top of the posting box (it is up there with the spellcheck, etc and looks like a chain link). You just highlight what you want to link (like a name), a little box pops up, and you post the addy of whatever you want to link back to in the box (like the name of the blog).

  3. Ummmm, I've only got that link button on my own 'new post' box not in any comment boxes?

  4. Thanks Hope - I'me useless at this stuff !

  5. My boxes arrived today! They are smashing, I really like them, wow what talented people out there.

  6. I use copy and paste along with all that pixie said. It's the little button that says "link" ..... And then if I have any trouble with anything I go to blogger help ..... I will be happily looking for that happy mail! Thank you Penny!,,,,,

  7. I would love to see what all the artists did and the finished that possible ...did i miss it on your blog.

    Thank you...have a great turkey day!

  8. Go back two posts ...they are all there.
    I will post individual boxes over The Twelve Days of Christmas.

  9. I received my stunning set today - I am covered with goosebumps as it made me feel so excited and magical at the same time - I know I am an odd bod but Christmas is so special you have all contibuted to make 2010 special for me this yesr x Thanks so much x Janet

  10. oh, thank you thank you...i am going to go look at all of them.

    happy weekend to you.

  11. What a fun group of creative players you have for the 12 Days of Christmas!

    I am a WordPress blog so I would be of no help...actually I barely get along with the techie stuff anyway ;) hope you get it sorted out, I'm sure it's not's all in knowing HOW

  12. Another fun use for matchboxes-- the players got some real treasures!

    On Blogger, links are done with HTML code.
    would create a link with my name highlighted in the body of your post.

  13. Penny, when I wrote the HTML code using my name and blog address as an example, it simply posted my name as a link! ha! I could email you the code...

  14. I clicked on mine - and it looked like you did it correctly. Can't wait to get the package - AStra Scrap left me a comment that she recieved it already!!! Woohoo!!!