Saturday, 28 May 2011

Postmans' Knock five

For the fifth round of

I had to make a card for
whose theme was rust.

I had the perfect little spade for this
and added rusty bottle caps
I've found
all stitched onto
fabric left from
The Erosion Bundle Project.

Then added a label with the following instructions,

For My Angels theme
chose a beautiful image
against vibrant colours.

Jane added  lovely verse by
Emily Dickinson.

Lovely to think of
Angels playing


  1. What a lovely little card - the diddy spade really sets it off nicely.

    Have a great bank holiday break. x

  2. I love your rust card -- very envious of your actual rusted items!

  3. Gorgeous rusty stuff! Great use of your erosion bundle fabric, and the sentiment made me smile (as I look out at the tools propped up against the house, where they have been all winter).

    Gorgeous colours in Jane's Angel postcard. I really like the beadwork too and the poem is sweet and very appropriate.


  4. Fun cards! I love the gardening tools advice especially!!! Great compilation of rusty odds and ends and your erosion bundle fabric! Love it!

  5. I was about to come knocking myself, was wondering where you'd got to! Love your little rust card, totally inspired! Mx

  6. Hey stranger - still loving the work! How are things? Will have a look...and just noticed your profile views! That is alot! Wow!! xxx