Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My lovely niece is getting married 
to her lovely fiance
next year.
These were the Save the Date cards she made.

I saw them both this weekend and had the chance to
talk weddings !
They showed me lots of pictures of how they plan to decorate.

Image from Cox and Cox 
to give you an idea !

My niece wants me to be involved with ideas & decoration
so I showed here these gorgeous 
Martha Stewart tissue paper pompoms
I saw here on Lisa's Blog
Jumble and Jelly
 So gorgeous !

Lots of ideas...
After they went I remembered
the lovely place setting labels
my friend Natalie made for her own wedding...

Aren't they delightful ?

I have offered to make some for my niece's wedding...
better get cracking !

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Monthly ATC Challenge May and June

Blackbird singing it's heart out
from a Hawthorn bush,
raindrops and blossom.

For May I remembered the old saying,
" Ne're cast a clout til May be out "
which you can read about 

I love  Hawthorn blossom ( May ) but prefer Blackthorn
 which yields beautiful blueish, purple Sloes in the Autumn.

The birds were nesting in May 
and it rained and rained...

 June has been a total washout too
but because of that, the hedgerows are lush
and full of life.
The birds a frenzy of activity feeding their young.

 For June
 I decided to represent the gorgeous shades of pink Valerian
bursting out of nooks and crannies along lanes

and banks of daises growing along road sides.
They've been left longer this year before cutting
due to the rain
and are very pretty to see.


Apologies for being so late in posting
and thank you for taking part.
Here are the lovely ATC's for April


Monday, 18 June 2012


huge apologies for those joining me
with a monthly ATC make.

I will be back with May and June together
as soon as possible.

Sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I thought I'd post early this month
to brighten up the dark days we've had -
real April showers !

My ATC for April was inspired
by pretty blossom, 
 the soft green leaf shoots bursting into life in my garden 
and watching the birds collecting for their nests.
I saw one bird fly away with a petal from my cherry blossom !

One year we found an abandond Goldfinch nest
which was beautifully made and lined with soft seed heads.
I have a winter Clematis which gives soft fluffy seed heads 
which I've seen birds collecting.

My calendar ATCs are following a theme
of soft chalk background,
light stamping,
 adding something found  
and something from nature.

They are inspired by what I see in my garden.   

Here are the wonderful ACT's made for March.
Thank you all.
Why not join us by making an ATC claender...
it's not too late !

Sunday, 25 March 2012


My ATC for March
is inspired by the beautiful 
yellow daffodils
and purple crocus all around.

A pair of Collared Doves 
have been sitting on the overhead wires
and landing gracefully on my bird table.

The pretty bird charms 
came from a pair of earrings 
dear Blogger friend Jo gave me
( and kindly let me use for this ATC ! )

The Doves wouldn't sit still enough for a photo shoot
so here is a lovely photograph generously lent by

Isn't that lovely ?

Here are the other February ATC's.
Why not join us ?
Make an ATC for April
post it on your Blog & leave a comment here.
I will be posting on
April 25th.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


There is still the threat of snow in February
so the grey sky remains
but now glorious pink sunrises to be seen.
February -
 my birthday on 
St Valentine's Day
so I've included pink raffia from an unwrapped gift 
& a heart charm.
I've lightly stamped a Cherub in gold
and added some gold leaf !

I noticed a Blue tit feasting on Fennel seeds in my garden
so I've added a few seed heads.

Come and join us & create an ATC
for each calendar month
( you can catch up with January ! )
By the end we will have a lovely set of twelve
to keep, swap or give away.
Leave a comment so we can find you !

Here is what the others created for January.
Lovely all of them.


My ATC for March
will be posted on March 25th

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


brings the snow

My January ATC
represents the dark grey sky
just before it snows
 down to the blue white
of the snow 
and the sheen on it in the sunshine.

Red rose hips 
inspired by a favourite photo
I took in the Churchyard one January.

and an honesty seed head 
just because I love them.

I used chalks lightly brushed over with baby oil
to give a water colour effect,
my favourite stamp
& some white glitter.

January brings the snow
was inspired by the rhyme
I regularly read to the children
when they were young.

Post your January ATC on your Blog
and leave a comment here so we can find you.

All welcome to join in.

will be posted on Feb 25th