Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My lovely niece is getting married 
to her lovely fiance
next year.
These were the Save the Date cards she made.

I saw them both this weekend and had the chance to
talk weddings !
They showed me lots of pictures of how they plan to decorate.

Image from Cox and Cox 
to give you an idea !

My niece wants me to be involved with ideas & decoration
so I showed here these gorgeous 
Martha Stewart tissue paper pompoms
I saw here on Lisa's Blog
Jumble and Jelly
 So gorgeous !

Lots of ideas...
After they went I remembered
the lovely place setting labels
my friend Natalie made for her own wedding...

Aren't they delightful ?

I have offered to make some for my niece's wedding...
better get cracking !


  1. I love working on weddings! Love your ideas! Such fun! Your niece is going to love your contributions! Have fun with it!

  2. You are a sweetie Penny. I think you should put yourself about as a wedding day decorator to the stars. If ever Helena ties the knot I shall give you a shout. I am hopeless!

  3. beautiful images - they are very inspirational jenx

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  5. I do love these! I've gotten behind in my blog reading this summer! Hoping to catch up with you!

  6. Hope everything is fine! Miss reading your blog entries!

    I'm still doing my monthly ATCs.


    August and September:

  7. Hello,
    I have come to take a peek at your blog too... its super!
    Thank you for commenting on the virtual tea party post lots of fun!
    Daisy J x
    Ps I adore Cox and Cox !

  8. Hello just by to say hello and also say I LOVE those 'wee' wedding tags....With verses to make your heart sing...How lovely! Keep cosy now...With kind thoughts...Maria x

  9. Oops I am a ONE! Of course it should read POPPED...because that is what I did....hehe....Must wear my reading glasses...with 'Twinkles' ****

  10. much fun are you going to have!!

  11. Such lovely ideas. So much more personal when you do it yourself.
    I made all my own invites and a family friend grew all the flowers that decorated the tables, I had them all placed in vintage jam jars and bottles.
    It looks as though you will have fun!

  12. I love this natural conception of decoration and those little cards. Being close to nature is always a good inspiration.

    All the best for the couple and greetings from Poland:)

  13. always a nice great day.greeeting from Belgium

  14. Nothing beats that handmade touch, so personal and it will make her day extra special

  15. Like the quotes on the cards!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  16. Congrats to the both of them. Hand mad notes are the best.

  17. They are sooo sweet....... I would love something similar for our wedding

  18. How lovely.
    The wedding will be absolutely beautiful x

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