Tuesday, 29 June 2010

lack lustre

I've lost my MOJO
( what IS that ? )
In this box is my Nemesis
( Is that the right word ? )
My Achillies' Heel.
I really want to add some stitching to my journal
I've hand sewn in some lace & buttons
but I want to use the machine
& I don't know how !
School needlework lessons were limited to making an apron for ....
school cookery lessons !!!
I then chose woodwork & Metalwork instead.
I was trying to describe the journal to some friends
and made it sound awful !
Feeling incredibly low this week-
It's the heat - I don't like it.
( I coped OK when we lived broad but here
I just get irritable & drained of energy )
so if you find my MOJO -
please can you send it
straight home !


  1. Oh sweetie, hope you find it. Have you tried searching on line for a manual for your make of sewing machine? It will help you to thread up the needle and bobbin? Then you could look on YouTube for a video. I found this one for you:


    How to use a sewing machine for beginners

    When you start playing ... practice on a piece of old calico

    Have a good day playing

  2. She'll return soon enough, it's just so frustrating when she disappears.
    I have the opposite problem at the moment and have so many ideas whizzing around in my head, normally when I'm trying to sleep.
    The problem being, I should be packing and not sewing lol.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.

    B xxx

  3. ps. Here's one on how to thread a sewing machine:


  4. Some of the Singer's thread from right to left instead of front to back so that is worth taking into account. What is the model number on the little placard on the front? Let me know and I will see if I can find the instruction manual for you. Wish I was nearer so I could help you.

  5. What a lovely machine. I have a sewing machine in the loft that I am waiting to be shown how to use :-( I hope your Mojo comes bounding back soon, I don't have it honest!

  6. That old machine looks tricky... good luck getting back into the groove!

  7. Penny, also why not see if you have a local shop that runs cources. There is one near me and it is not that pricey - I just need to find not only the cash, but the time too!

    Utube is a great source of information and just keep trying, what can you do wrong?

  8. Your mojo must be on vacation with mine...

  9. Mine isn't here either. Good luck with the machine. One of the reasons I sew entirely by hand is that I neither have one nor know how to use one.

  10. We all have those low days for whatever reason. It is hot here and our air conditioner went out but now being fixed. Yipee.

    Love the photos.

    Love your blog.


  11. I thought you'd been quiet! I think my mojo is in hiding with yours somewhere....this weather is crap! xxx

  12. I know what you mean about the heat Penny, it takes the starch out of me ... we're just recovering from a couple of 38 C days and it was dreadful, now it's a good 20 degrees cooler, window open and ahhh what a difference

    My Mother is an expert seamstress, back in the day she even made my father a couple of suits ... sooo no way I would ever be able to ... well you know....I have had a go with my Singer and made a few pieces of clothing back in the day, but did not find it relaxing ... I must admit now that I look at the machine as just a fast way to get things to stick together ... not worrying about sewing a straight line ... well, it's been liberating. You have such a free and easy style ... your Mojo just needs a wee rest ... you are so creative in every aspect of your life I feel ...sometimes we don't give ourselves full credit ... OH MY, the cooler weather here is making me extremely chatty ;)

  13. I hope the mojo comes back soon, I am sure it will, you have some lovely photographs and your journal looks great.
    My plan of getting various things done this morning seems to be out the window as I am now off to take a look at more of your blog!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  14. Oh what a lovely sewing machine this is. I have a mini doll version of a similar one. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!

    (well that's what my mum always used to say! LOL)

  16. I know...I wish I could sew - I got a D in textiles because I couldn't for the life of me work out the sewing machine. Even now with tuition from a friend it still perplexes me... I really should get it out and thread it to remind myself so I don't have to call her again in a year to ask her to show me again how to do it... And as for feeling low - I'm having one of those days...job hunting is getting to me and been keeping strong but when I accidentally messed up lunch today I just burst into tears and locked myself in the upstairs loo. So silly but I hate the restlessness that comes with it all... :( xxx