Saturday, 3 July 2010

journaling on

I'm feeling a bit better about my fabric journal.
I've been embellishing & stamping...
ink stamping
but a bit of foot stamping going on too !
Next I'm going to add a bit of gold leaf.
Now, I'm not a huge fan of sheet music
used in designs but I gave into temptation.
In our village an eccentric coffee shop / wine bar has opened-
there are hundreds of books for sale
& yesterday I looked through a box of sheet music
and liked the lettering on the front page.

What I really loved though
was the type written words inside
and the brown paper cover...
just look at the date !

So I will use some of this in my journal -
I bought this and a Kate Greenaway book
for one pound fifty !!!


The less said about my attempts at machine sewing
the better !!!

I shall stick to glue
and hand stitching
but I did master ...
the French Knot
the other day !



  1. Well, actually I love what you've done, just the way it is. You were lucky finding that beautiful sheet music and old typewriting, oh and an adorable Kate Greenaway book too! WoW!
    Your book is looking beautiful Penny x

  2. Your journal is looking good! I'm kind of stuck at the embellishing part - I think I'm putting too much thought into it. Finally got my TAP to try too. I'd tag along on a shopping trip - you seem to pick up cool bits and pieces from places! Penny from the other side of the pond :-)

  3. You've been a good hunter in finding the sheet music and other interesting things to add to your journal. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Looks to me like you are doing just great!

  5. ooo french knots are a fav of mine, you can do so much with them!

    lovely seeing peeks of your journal pages
    ... I may use more hand stitching with my second journal as the papers are much thinner and easy to work/play with

    let's DO meet for a shopping trip ... teacher will never miss us ;)

  6. like this blog....clean, easy to read, interesting and informative.

  7. I love fabric, paper or any kind of hand made journals. Your journal is looking great!

    Happiness to you. Dogwood

  8. Hope you and Patty are back from your shopping trip?
    I love what your doing!! Especially the top pick with all those scraps and that button! Perfect, all it needs now is a little hand stitching :))

  9. ooo I'm keen to see the finished product! xxx

  10. I love it Penny, and I'm glad you're finding your way! Wonderful delicate colours and I'm well impressed you got your machine going AND did the French Knots, double fab! Mx

  11. What amazing finds - fantastic for your journal I had a tour of the charity shops in our nearest town - just useless junk sadly - nothing I can alter or use for a journal - still we had to go there anyway so it was worth a trawl.

    Made up for the disappointmeny by buying a box of choc ices - that'll do the trick.

    Can't wait to see your pages in full detail - they looks so very yummy