Sunday, 4 July 2010

These are the last few pieces
of vintage French linen
from a cushion
I bought in France several years ago.
I was going to use the lovely fabric
to cover my journal
but have decided not to.
Instead I have been turning
new into old...
with the fabric I bought
when the sewing shop closed....

spot the difference ?


  1. Are you using the reverse side? I have done that alot - I like the look!

  2. yes, i spot the difference. how long do you bleach it and what amount of bleach to water? do you share you secret tricks?


  3. Ha - no secret Cory...I haven't bleached anything ( apart from the kitchen sink ) since bleaching clothes in my teens !

    I just squirted a dollop added hot water & soaked the fabric for about ten minutes. Then rinsed well.

  4. All looking good Penny - especially your previous post!

  5. Looks good....why don't I think of things like that, so simple, yet effective!

    Sue xx

  6. What did you do? Did you bleach it?! Oh yes, just read the above comments...thought just as much! xxx