Wednesday, 7 July 2010

When I met
The Balancing Kiwi
we got talking about crochet
( among lots of other things ! )
and she said she had a spare book
which I could have...
It's arrived
Thank you so much.
I have bought some cotton & a hook.....
so here goes....

As you have probably worked out-
I like plain & natural colours.
tomorrow I have some friends coming round for supper
and afterwards to do some crafting .
I'm going to get them to alter matchboxes !
So I thought I'd better get one or two colourful bits & bobs in
as some of my friends have quite colourful personalities
(especially after a few glasses of vino !!!)
Will post the results up in a few days -
I'm calling it a


  1. Brilliant Penny!! can't wait to see the results! I love this kind of creativity on a warm summer evening with a bit of bubbly on the side! enjoy! Mx

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of your crochet Penny! Have fun tonight! :-)

  3. What fun. I love haveing crafting times with my friends. The crafting, eating and talking is so nice.


  4. I look forward to seeing what you do with your matchboxes - what a great idea!!

  5. What a fun idea. Looking forward to seeing the matchboxes.

  6. Hi:) Looks like your having fun despite the heat you're having to put up with. How did your altered-match-box night go? I love your new into old fabrics below...I love your version better than the original!